Collaborative divorce is a perfect option for some couples

Sometimes a marriage just isn’t working out. Spouses grow apart and get sick of bickering. They may not see each other as “the one” anymore. In many cases, their marriage my no longer be fulfilling but they still may get along well enough.

For those couples who can come to an agreement without battling in court, a collaborate divorce is more appealing than a traditional divorce in the courtroom.

In collaborative law, each spouse has their own attorney. They sit down and agree on each issue instead of going to court. When these agreements are reached, the divorce itself is then signed off on by a judge.

For many couples, a collaborative divorce is appealing because they spouses work together to come to an agreement. This allows the couple to decide things like child custody or alimony instead of a judge, giving each spouse more control over the issues. This also allows the couple to avoid some of the bitterness and fighting. This is beneficial to both adults, and especially any children, during the divorce.

Of course, not all parties are able to come to agreements on all aspects of the divorce. Some couples may attempt to start a collaborative divorce, but it becomes clear that the spouse cannot agree. In this case, the collaborative divorce can be turned into a more traditional divorce, although different attorneys must be used by each spouse.

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Source: The Tampa Tribune, “Kindler, gentler divorces take the bite out of break-ups,” Ray Reyes, Sept. 15, 2013

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