Collaborative divorce attorney can begin and end the process

Collaborative Divorce LawyerFor those who are looking for an amicable way to end their divorce, they often debate mediation and collaborative law.  Since collaborative law is a process that hasn’t been around as long, many do not understand the difference between the two processes.

One of the key differences is a collaborative divorce attorney can begin and end the process.  In other words, they can meet with their client before the process begins.  They can be with their client throughout the meetings that take place throughout the collaborative process.  They can also provide legal advice to their client to held guide them through the process.  Additionally, they can also help conclude the case by helping drafting settlement paperwork and participating in a non-contested hearing.

This is different from mediation where parties typically meet with a mediator alone without their attorney.  The mediator simply helps facilitate a discussion between parties in a divorce with the hope the parties can reach their own creative settlement.  However, the mediator cannot represent the parties to a divorce.  The mediator also cannot be present to help conclude the case at a non-contested hearing.

This is not to say that mediation does not work for many parties.  However, the fact that collaborative divorce attorney can be with their client from the beginning until the end of the case is a key component to collaborative divorce that many find appealing about it.

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