Are you looking for a private divorce?

The thought of a divorce ending up in a courtroom can be very unnerving for some parties. Most do not want an attorney discussing their lives in an open courtroom or have pleading field in court where allegations are flung. Running into a friend, co-worker, acquaintance or other person they know in the courthouse could be an unwelcome sight.

The thought of this could be too much for many parties, leading to stress, anxiety and angst. It can even lead to embarrassment.

In a case where parties are concerned over these possibilities, the parties may want to consider collaborative divorce. In a collaborative divorce, the parties meet outside of court with their collaborative attorney, the other party, the other party’s collaborative attorney, and other professions so they may attempt to reach a resolution outside of court.

This isn’t necessarily a quick, inexpensive or easy process. It usually results in multiple sessions in order to make the difficult decision of a divorce. Collaborative divorce does come with the benefit of privacy. Private meetings can be scheduled in an attorney’s office as opposed to being seen in a courthouse with their dirty laundry being aired in front of others.

This can cause a decrease in stress, anxiety and embarrassment. Parties can then focus on what is best for them and their family. This also allows them to have control over the outcome instead of having a judge they hardly know make the final decisions.

In the end, if parties can reach a collaborative resolution, the divorce can be concluded in one court appearance. Having only one appearance allows for much more privacy then repeat visits to the courthouse. In some jurisdictions, parties might be able to finalized the divorce by affidavit without having to step foot in the courthouse.

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