Who is at a collaborative meeting?

Collaborative divorce meetingWhen many consider the possibility of a collaborative divorce, they have a hard time picturing how it works. One common question many have is who is at a collaborative meeting?

In contrast, most understand how a court case works and who will be there. They understand that in most cases in court there is a judge there, both parties are there and both their attorneys. They understand that at a trial or hearing, there could be other witnesses present. They understand that this all takes place at a courthouse.

However, in collaborative divorce, many cannot picture how it works. They do not understand who is there. They might not even understand where these collaborative meetings take place.

Ultimately, different cases can result in different scenarios. Different jurisdictions, localities and practice groups can handle this differently as well.

However, generally speaking, in a collaborative meeting, both parties to the divorce are going to be present at these meetings. Each party also has their own collaborative trained lawyer with them at these meetings.

Apart from the parties and their collaborative attorneys, the divorce coach is usually present at collaborative meetings. The divorce coach helps facilitate the communication.

In certain meetings, the financial neutral or child custody professional can be there as well. They help the parties work through financial and custody issues. Of course, they may not be at every meeting.

In terms of where these meetings take place, versus the courthouse, these collaborative meetings usually take place in a private setting. Thus, instead of having to come to the courthouse, parties usually show up to an office setting.

The meetings can take place at one of the lawyer’s offices. It can also take place at the divorce coach’s office or some other private setting in which the parties agree. The fact that the parties do not have to show up to court can be comforting to many.

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Author: Kirk C. Stange, Esq.

Kirk Stange is a Founding Partner at Stange Law Firm, PC.

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