Collaborative divorce an option for high asset individuals

High asset collaborative divorceMany individuals going through a high net worth divorce may want to resolve their case amicably outside of court. They might want to, avoid litigation. They might not want to air their dirty laundry in court.

On the other hand, with some lawyers offering an uncontested, flat fee divorce, these individuals might be worried about a scenario where one side has an attorney and the other does not (and not be interested in a flat fee, uncontested divorce). They also might be worried about the long-term financial impact of the divorce.

They might need appraisals for example. They might need a business valuation. They might need a tax analysis completed in terms of the ramifications of any property division.

For this reason, a quick divorce is not what they want or need, either. Instead, they want the divorce completed thoroughly. They want all options being considered. And at the same time, they both want an attorney. And they both want the case to be handled amicably.

This is where a collaborative divorce can be a good option for many. In a collaborative divorce, a financial neutral is normally enlisted as part of the process. This financial neutral can help ensure that all the details of the finances are thoroughly considered. They can also look at items like appraisals, valuations, taxes and make sure they are all taken into account. Both sides also have an attorney representing them throughout the process.

In the end, an amicable divorce settled outside of court does not necessarily mean that it has to be a quick divorce. Instead, parties who have a high net worth ought to consider a collaborative divorce. A collaborative divorce (which is a distinct process through the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, which is not to be confused with a flat-fee, uncontested divorce) is a good option for many individuals.

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Author: Kirk C. Stange, Esq.

Kirk Stange is a Founding Partner at Stange Law Firm, PC.

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